BLINDSIDE Edition 2022

Katie West
Little wana/digging Stick

100% mercerised cotton apron with digital print
Edition of 100

Please expect delivery to take one week

In her practice, Katie West reflects on her childhood in Noongar Yued Country. Growing up on a wheat and sheep farm, she and her brother would play and explore the paddocks, imagining people living on that Country before them. Katie also wondered about their family and Country hundreds of kilometres to the north.

This design is part of a growing body of work contemplating the similar and divergent characteristics of digging sticks and star pickets. Both objects are elongated to a width ideal for human hands, and both have a pointed end to pierce the earth. However, digging sticks and star pickets represent different relationships to Country. Katie is interested in the tensions, questions and reorientations that arise when these objects are placed side-by-side.

Katie West is an artist and Yindjibarndi woman based in Noongar Ballardong country, working in installation, textiles and social practice. The process and notion of naturally dyeing fabric underpin her practice –the rhythm of walking, gathering, bundling, boiling up water and infusing materials with plant matter. Using found and naturally dyed textiles, video, and sound, Katie creates installations, textile pieces, and happenings that invite attention to the ways we weave our stories, places, histories, and futures.

Courtesy of the artist.

Room 14, Level 7, 37 Swanston Street,
Melbourne, VIC, 3000
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