Lachlan Stonehouse
You Keep on Dreaming, and Waiting, 2021
Print on fibre gloss (Baryta) paper
38 x 31 x 5.8cm framed, 21 x 15.5cm unframed

The title derives from a quote featured in the film The Green Ray, directed by Eric Rohmer. Only recently, have I become fascinated by the marvelous character Delphine, who after a recent break up with her boyfriend, embarks on searching for some sort of true human connection……she ultimately becomes a portrait of loneliness. It depresses her, seeing others happy in love, happily coupled.  Delphine hopes to forget the recent break up with her partner, through a vacation, a post card perfect one. It is through the power of the green light, a phenomenon only visible at sunset, a signifier or miracle for Delphine, that all will be well, even if she doesn’t have someone to share it with. Could the green be a colour of hope? “You keep on Dreaming, and Waiting” becomes about the act of looking itself, about faith and belief in what you see.

Courtesy of the artist. Frame courtesy of Colour Factory.

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