BLINDSIDE Edition 2021

Sanja Pahoki
The Answer to All My Problems

100% cotton embroidered cap
Edition of 100

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I remember having dinner with a friend at Mario’s. We had finished eating at around 9:00pm and I wasn’t ready to go home yet to my bedsit in East Melbourne. So I said good-bye and went next door to the Brunswick Street Bookshop. I went upstairs to look at the latest art-books. After about half an hour I was ready to go home.

I quickly hopped onto a tram on Brunswick Street but I didn’t have any coins on me to buy a ticket from the ticket machine, so I got off, not wanting to risk a fine.

I decided to get a taxi instead. I walked down Johnston Street heading towards Smith Street and thought that the longer I walked, the cheaper the fare would be. I got scared around where the CCP used to be on Johnston Street. It was the early 2000s and the gentrification in Fitzroy/Collingwood hadn’t happened yet and there weren’t many people around. I think it was a Wednesday. A few taxis had passed by earlier and I didn’t have to wait long for another one.

From memory the taxi driver was chatty. It took less than 10 minutes to get home. I handed over my $20 bill and when I held my hand out for the change he looked down at my hand and asked if he could read my palm. He said that he was studying palm reading and liked to practise. I said ok. He asked if I could sit in the passenger seat as it would be easier. I said that I was happy to stay in the back. I held out my hand to him between the seats and he pushed back my sleeve a little. He seemed excited by my palm and I was pleased. l remember him looking down at my palm and telling me some things about my love life. This bit gets a bit blurry – like details can in dreams – he said that I would have 3 great loves, but it was a little bit grey as to whether I had already had my three great loves or if there was more to come. I remember asking him, but almost straight away I couldn’t remember his answer.

He said that I had a strong life line. I said that was good because I was worried about dying and had a lot of anxiety. He paused and said, ‘do meditation and exercise and you will be alright’.  - Sanja Pahoki

Courtesy of the artist and Sarah Scout Presents.

From the original artwork: Sanja Pahoki, The Answer to All My Problems, 2007, neon

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