Tai Snaith
Cigars and Lonzenges, 2019   
Pigmented porcelain
26 x 10 x 8cm

‘Cigars and Lonzenges is a functioning porcelain wall vessel that, at it’s essence celebrates friendship. The title and theme of the work reference the friendship described in Leonora Carrington’s pivotal novel from 1950, The Hearing Trumpet between the main character Marian Leatherby, who is 92  (based on Carrington’s future depiction of herself) and Carmella Velasquez, who is based on the future imagining of her real life friend and fellow painter, Remedios Varo. Carmella wears a red wig in a “queenly gesture to her long lost hair” and smokes black cigars between sucking on violet lozenges. Their friendship is hilarious and enduring. I chose this work to sit next to Nick’s as we have a similar enduring friendship that will no doubt  last our whole life. I also liked the fact that his work is about Beer and mine is about Cigars and Lozenges, all aids in conversation and often featured in late nights and fun times.

Courtesy of the artist.

B-Side Artist: Nicholas Jones

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