Tamara Marrington
Flower Grid, 2020   
Oil on Canvas
30 x 25cm

This painting was meant to be a grid of four flowers but a picture doesn’t always do what you want it to, and holding onto your intention tightly can end up feeling heavy and strained. Finally one night I painted all the flowers out, leaving just this one. It was like breathing a huge sigh of relief! and it made me think about this thing Vanessa Baird said about painting which I love: “Emptying the picture of content is often a very good idea. Not to be so strained. And often it’s much more successful, I see that afterwards. Emptying it out. But I can’t do it, I worry that it won’t be enough. So I kind of screw my head into my arsehole. But when the pictures are good anyway, even though they’ve been emptied out, it’s because they have it in them.”

Courtesy of the artist.

B-Side Artist: Mateo Muratore

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